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Weekly Devotional from June 1, 2009

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Women In Discipleship
Weekly Devotionals for 2009
Weekly Insights into the Names of God
(Taken from the To Bear HIs Name Study by Sandra J. Mikler Davis)
This year we have been looking at the names of God:
  • January - ADONAI = our Sovereign Ruler; Almighty Master; Lord over all!!
  • February - JEHOVAH = He is Self-existent, Eternal, Righteous, Holy, and YHWH-I = AM WHO I AM.
  • March - ELOHIM = He is the Creator God; actively involved in the world He made.
  • April - EL ELYON = signifies the exaltedness, supremacy, and overwhelming majesty of His deity.
  • May - EL ROI = the all-seeing God
This month we will look at another compound name for God: EL SHADDAI
El Shaddai = God Almighty, complete, perfect; having integrity
This name for God Almighty is found primarily in two books of the Bible:
Genesis and Job.
Since Shaddai means Almighty, El Shaddai served as the "covenant name for God" during the time of the patriarchs.

There are seven references used exclusively in Scripture for El Shaddai.
In Genesis 17, we are introduced to God Almighty (El Shaddai), and He refers to Himself as El Shaddai 8 times in verses 1-8 of this text.
Now when Abram was ninty-nine years old,
the LORD (Jehovah) appeared to Abram and said to him,
'I Am God Almighty (El Shaddai); Walk before Me, and be blameless.'
Genesis 17:1

  • Since a covenant is a solemn promise that involves integrity, how does God’s promises to Believers differ from promises that man makes?
  • What promises has God made regarding the wicked? And will He keep those promises also?
  • Am I a person of integrity?
Sandra Davis, for the team at Women in Discipleship (sm)


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